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CVS Alergy Tablets

A Small Sample of Our Offerings

Electronics from TRS: Huge selection of items may contain overstock and returns merchandise. Truckloads may contain a mixture of: radio CD players, MP3 players, TVs, speakers, headphones, alarm clocks, fingerings talking CD players, radio I-Pods, Disney Hannah Montana CD&G Video Karaoke, Disco Light Karaoke Systems, scan radios, walkie-talkies, Lego clocks, electric guitars, CD players, sing-along boom boxes, movie CD boomboxes, auto universal FM transmitters, accessories, and much more. Each truckload contains 26 pallets approx 7' tall. FOB Mass.

wholesale lego mp3 player
wholesale toy dalek
wholesale toy laptop

LG Appliance Loads: New overstock and some returns. Huge selection of high-end washers, dryers, remigrations, and more. FOB Miss or TN. Please call for merchandise availability and the lowest prices. Super Value!!!

wholesale lg washing machine
discount lg washer dryer
wholesale lg refrigerator

Sporting Goods by the Truckload: Truckloads contains a mixture of customer returns and shelf-pulls/overstock merchandise. Huge selection of assorted merchandise may contain: sporting goods, exercise equipment, pool-tables, hockey tables, accessories, clothing, footwear, bicycles and more. Please call for merchandise availability and updated prices. FOB Texas.

closeout bicycle
wholesale snowboard helment
closeout pool table

Department Store Mixed Brand Name Domestics: Huge selection of high-end brand names. Contains a mixture customer returns and shelf-pulls/overstock merchandise. Loads may contain a mixture of sheets, towels, comforters, linens, bathroom accessories, linens, and much more. Minimum order is 3 pallets. FOB Florida.

discount bathroom accessories
closeout bathroom accessory sets
discount bathroom accessories

Mixed Truckload Housewares, Domestics and Table Top Gifts and Luggage From High-End Dept Store Code #3: Huge selection of high-end brand-name merchandise. A mixture of customer returns and may contain overstock merchandise. Loads may contain a mixture of cookware, glassware, silverware, pot and pans, small appliances, sheets, towels, comforters, bathroom accessories, and many other Household Items. FOB New Jersey, Florida, California and many other shipping points.

discount comforter
wholesale towels
closeout bathroom accessories

All New Toys / Power Wheels: Great selection of all-new toys for your business. All merchandise is overstock merchandise. Power wheels may be returns. May contain an assortment of: action toys, power wheels, figures, dolls, remote control toys, talking toys, and much more. Your cost is as low as $595 per pallet. FOB Florida.

closeout ford toy truck
closeout power wheels
wholesale cabbage path doll

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Please Note: Images are only for illustration and may not match actual merchandise. Inventory changes constantly, so please contact us for the latest prices and availability. While we specialize in store returns, all loads may contain one or more of returns, salvage, factory overstock, store overstock, etc. Read individual descriptions and contact us for specifics.

Hairbrush with mirror
LG Washer